Lustleigh Cricket Club

Pitch Rota




NB. If you are unable to attend on your appointed date, please arrange a replacement yourself. Inform the captain but do not leave it to him to find your replacement

During the week preceding the game:

1. Cut the square and cut and roll the strip.

2. Cut the outfield on Thursday, or closer to the match during the weeks when the grass is fast growing.

3. Phone to arrange the tea ladies. (Irene attends to ordering tea provisions for us, from the dairy)

4. Cut the grass around the pavilion.

On the match day.

5. Collect the tea provisions from The Dairy.

6. Cut, roll and mark the square. (NB please return the marking brush to the tin of water, to prevent it drying hard with emulsion paint)

7. Arrange the boundary rope, also put out the sightscreens, chairs and scoreboard.

8. Repair the strip after the game and release the sight screens sheets. 

NB. Strip repair. 
A) Sweep up debris.  B) In footmarks, work deep holes with the garden fork.   C) Fill the fork holes with loam. D) Level the footmarks with loam and sprinkle in some grass seed.   E) Roll the pitch.  F) Water the repaired footmarks if no rain is expected.